What’s the strangest butt-dial you’ve ever received?

Every once in a while I get a message from someone who obviously dialed me by accident while their cell phone sat in their pocket, commonly known as a butt-dial, many people receive these long messages of white noise or of nothing. When listening to my messages this past Saturday night after shabbos, I heard one of the strangest butt-dials I’ve ever received and I wish I could figure out how to get it online. The message was obviously left over shabbos and all I could hear were a bunch of frum people singing “Kol mekadesh shivee” which is a shabbos zemer all about shomer shabbos.

At first I thought that someone was playing a very ironic joke, but since the message just went on and on throughout the song (sung in yeshivish accents) I figured someone was at a shabbos meal and had their phone in their pocket and I was the recipiant of the most ironic butt-dial in the history of the Jewish people. Oh and I’ve been singing my shachris to that tune all week – so strange. Talk about texting on shabbos huh…

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