Sort of off the derech and looking for a shidduch

Sometime ago I posted about how I would love to set up folks who were off the derech, but looking for someone who is culturally frum. I have received quite a few emails from people wishing for me to set them up, but to be honest with you I would rather post your shidduch profile here and forward your emails to the person who posted the profile. With that said, most of the folks who contacted me about finding them culturally frum, but not necessarily religious partners were women (the shidduch crisis extends itself beyond the frum community) and I received an interesting email from a man last night looking for a culturally frum girl.

Dear Heshy, Good evening.

I am writing to you because I just saw your posting, “Off the Derech and Looking for a Shidduch.” This posting caught my attention because it seems to apply to me. I began going off about 8 years ago but at the end of a bitter struggle decided to remain Shomer Shabbat, kosher and continue wearing a Yarmulka. Nonetheless I consider myself a secular man even though I still keep basic observances and affiliate with an Orthodox congregation. Over the last few years, I have been very unhappy in my experiences dating religious women.

So I have recently begun dating Conservative women. I am totally OK with being in a relationship with or married to a woman who would watch TV on Shabbat. I would also have no problem if she would want me to go with her to a Conservative temple. However, I am concerned that many Conservative women would have a difficult time with the fact that I may not want to go with them to the beach or the movies on Shabbat. The most important thing is finding someone who I will be happy with and who is culturally compatible with me. I would be very interested in asking you to set me up with woman who is culturally Orthodox. I would also love to hear any other suggestions you may have for me.

(the guy wished not to have his email or name posted here in public) if you wish to contact this fellow, email me at and I shall forward your email to him.

Once again, if you have a shidduch profile, resume or any other out of the box “trying to find a mate” announcement – I will post it and who knows maybe you can find your bashert.