Toevah Marriage is now legal in New York

I have torn my garments in mourning for the great state of New York, despite our desperate cries to Hakadosh Baruch Hu and our desperate pleas and donations to supposedly moral lawmakers – they have committed a grave sin. They have violated the Torah and they will pay when they come to seek judgement at the end of their days. The end is coming my friend, when the State with the largest most religious Jewish population in the world could legalize such an insult to humanity as sodomy marriage we have to wonder where Moshiach is?

Some have told me they are building their arks, the mabul is near they say and with global warming and circumcision bans on the horizon I’m liable to agree. I call on all the frume yidden to build their arks, or at least to leave New York. Lakewood Ir Hakosdesh stands as a Beacon or Torah and Morality to all of us, where toevah will never be accepted as it has been accepted here. Brooklyn is no longer an Ir Halkosdesh, it is a place of filth where toevah supporters have begun to push for animal marriage rights and will take us down a path of immorality not seen since the days of the Romans.

We are to blame of course, our concentration on all things besides for the holy Torah has led us down this destructive path. Andrew Cuomo was actually supported as governor of New York by Jews who knew his views, yet voted for him anyway because frum leaders were in it for government handouts. Is it so bad to get a job? Surely it must be better than having sodomy legalized, I swear it’s happening in the streets and everywhere you look, the filth is creeping into our neshamas. We are to blame, we who are into gashmius and the physical world, we who do not devote our lives to Torah are damned to rot in a hell of married gays and lesbians.

I don’t believe in equality, equality is not a Torah value and I don’t care if the goyim and Jews who voted for this measure do not know what they are to keep, we are to educate them to be Torah followers, everyone needs to heed the true word of God. Equality is not the word of God, the word of God is to kill them, but since we don’t have a beis din, I would recommend that we all start building our arks.