Remember to wear your reflector when walking to shul

The first time I was told to wear a reflector when walking to shul was during an NCSY shabbaton in Syracuse, I thought it was nerdy and very overprotective modern orthodox of them to tell us to don reflective vests and belts which made us look like Jewish construction workers – it would have fit well because like most roadside construction workers we weren’t actually doing any work, all we would have needed were some cones and idle heavy machinery to make us look real.

Later on in life when I lived in Monsey there would be these raging debates over whether to wear the reflective gear or not. I have nearly ran down many chassidish families in my day – all dressed in black walking down the middle of the road in Monsey and the Catskills oblivious to the world around them – once in a while the husbands would be carrying a reflective belt because wearuing one was way to douchy for them. At least their wives would wear pink robes or turbans which gave me a little more time to react than say a deer in the middle of the highway.

It was only time until some heimishe company would come a long and make frum reflective gear. Someone sent over this link for Shmira Wear which for some reason is being sold in Feldheim (the two major players of the frum propaganda publishing industry are Feldheim and Artscroll) and makes frum clothing with reflectors. What makes clothing frum you may ask?

Frum clothing should be black, blue or gray. It should never be tight and it should always be made in China, but sold under the auspices or a hiemishe brand.