Why I removed the Hot Chani picture

I remove a lot of stuff from this blog on a fairly regular basis, someone complained about the picture on the conservative post saying that the person in the picture had recently died – so I replaced the picture. A couple of years ago I published a picture illustrating a post about yeshiva dress codes and received several complaints telling me that the yeshivish guy in the picture was a guy who was “framed” for sexual molestation. I’ve removed dozens of pictures, videos, posts and content from this site for various reasons, if you have a good reason I usually make sure to comply quickly. So imagine my surprise when the subject of yesterday’s Hot Chani Illustrated post called me on the phone demanding it be removed, it took me about 10 seconds to call someone who has admin access to my site to have it removed, but I was still in a bit shocked to get a call from the person in the picture.

I have gotten calls from others, mostly folks who give me very good reasons to remove a post, but never in my life have I received a cease and desist letter. It would be an understatement to say I feel cool, sure a kol koreh and a pashkevil would have been better, but I’ll take my cease and desist letter (which I agreed not to publish) and let my ego be stroked for a bit.

The woman in the picture hasn’t had such a good lot in life, but that’s besides the point, the point is that she requested her picture be removed. I’m not really sorry I posted it, I’m sorry that I caused her or her family any pain and was more than happy to somehow rectify that pain by getting rid of the post, but I doubt there will be any mechilah for me and why should they. I simply took a picture from my friends facebook album and posted it on a blog – it just goes to show you how far reach and how much damage blogging to do to people. It also goes to show you how much power I have as a blogger, power to do good and power to do evil.

I guess it’s a darned good thing the folks got my cell phone number, because I was at work when they sent all these things and would have had no way of being at a computer to remove the posts before certian legal action and other actions would have been taken.

On rare occasions I actually remove things based on my own yetzer, but that is quite rare.