Frum sex positions

I was looking at a book of sex positions in one of my favorite book stores in San Francisco one erev shabbos and it featured every crazy sex position done by crash test dummies – except this book added the scat aspect to it all – so I’m standing there laughing my ass off when suddenly the yetzer harah gave me the crazy idea to write about frum sex positions – I just wish I had some frum looking crash test dummies to set these up for you to see – so instead I go tznius and just give you the names – you all have to use your imaginations or try them out and get back to me.

Downward facing Talmud

The thumb dip

The horizontal shuckel

Bimah Bendover

The shtender lean

Layshev Basukah

The violent shuckel

The sit down shuckel

The Hoshanah Clopper

Biur Chometz (with a wooden spoon)

The afikoman breaker

The Bimah Clop

Chanies Cholent

Mikvah Night Menchlachkeit