70 modern orthodox things

I’m kind of having fun with these lists and as many of you know I’m not one to settle for just 1 list, when I make lists I make them for every sect of Jew and ironically this is the first list series that has stemmed from a post about non-Jews. 99% of these ideas have been talked about in one way or another over the years and at some point I think I should do a bunch of posts on how to show you are (insert type of Jew here) but for now I leave you with 70 modern orthodox things – if this floats your boat – you should definitely check out the Stuff Jews Like series from last year.

  1. Israeli Day Parades
  2. The prayer for the state of Israel and the government
  3. NCSY
  4. HASC
  5. YU
  6. Kippah Srugah’s (Srugi’s)
  7. Mixed Swimming
  8. Shomer Negiah (real frummies never bring it up)
  9. Low Mechitzas
  10. Rabba’s
  11. The Rav
  12. Im Derech Eretz
  13. Showering on yuntiff
  14. Hallel on Yom Haatzmaut
  15. Coed summer camps that cost $5,000 a month
  16. Jeans
  17. Jeans skirts with uggs
  18. Imitation crab meat salads
  19. Sushi
  20. Zionism
  21. March of the Living
  22. Vacation Village
  23. Clean shaven Rabbis
  24. Goatees (the modern orthodox beard)
  25. Very high yeshiva tuition
  26. Upper West Side
  27. Lampshade hats
  28. Vegetarian cholent
  29. Carrot sticks at Kiddush
  30. Tucked in tzitzis
  31. High School Basketball leagues
  32. Learning on the lawn
  33. Women’s megillah readings
  34. Megilas Ruth (borderline obsession)
  35. Banning alcohol at shul
  36. Banning Kiddush clubs
  37. Baseball hats (the modern yarmulke, or for a half head covering which leaves the ponytail coming out the back)
  38. Pesach in Miami (snoods and bikin’s baby)
  39. Israeli Dancing classes
  40. Jewelry Making events
  41. Rabbi Dr. or is it Dr. Rabbi
  42. Koren Sacks Siddurs
  43. Floor hockey
  44. Sunday morning shul softball
  45. Shul bulletins that say Minkha
  46. Pronouncing with a Tuf instead of Suf
  47. Eating Milchigs Out
  48. Carlebach Shabbat
  49. Yom Hashoah
  50. Pirate bandanas
  51. Pajama Pants
  52. Glass mechitzas
  53. Shabbos basketball
  54. Water at the shabbos table (with no other choice)
  55. Hebrew Day School
  56. Unofficial Proms
  57. Sudat Shlishit
  58. Doctors and Lawyers
  59. Coed summer kollel programs
  60. Women learning gemara
  61. Swimming on shabbos
  62. Kol Isha doesn’t count if more than one women is singing
  63. Passing babies over the mechitza
  64. Israeli and American flags at shul
  65. Sisterhood
  66. Sports team yarmulkes
  67. Rallies at the UN on fast days
  68. Biblical anglicized names like Josh, Sarah and Noah
  69. Havdalah sing-along with a guitar and bongo
  70. YU Seforim Sale