Have you ever seen a Jewish Jihad video?

So I was browsing around You Tube the other day and I found this guy Rabbi Levin who’s a pretty right wing guy who loves to talk about the gays, it seems that you can’t find enough videos of Rabbi Levin telling us that he doesn’t like the gays, porn, abortion and Shmuely Boteach – but that’s not the funny part of it, most any frum person shares those same views – but the video below looks exactly like a bunch of Jihad videos I have seen – the only thing missing is the foreign journalist about to get his head cut off.

I just love the setting they used, it looks like they got jolly at some shalashudos and decided to do the video, I myself would have burst out laughing in the middle if I was there and started yelling Allah Hu Akbar as I ran around in a hoodie.

While watching some other videos I found this gem about Plant Parenthood – I can’t imagine what problems Rabbi Levin finds with plants deciding if they should have more plants or not.

In this video at about 3 minutes Rabbi Levin finally tells us why Frummies don’t like to use the word sex – apparently only animals have sex and Jews have intimacy.

Visit Rabbi Levins site – God Reign Over Us