I’ve broken my personal omer record

I cannot honestly remember the last time I actually made it this far in the omer counting, like most post yeshiva types who don’t attend shul too often – I’m usually on top of the counting until Pesach ends at which point I stop being reminded by the Rabbi to count and usually remember on some random Friday night that I am supposed to be counting.

Yes, I know, it sounds pretty pathetic of me to forget that we are in a state of mourning, but fear not – I am constantly reminded of that state of mourning by my prepubescent beard and mustache situation that never seems to grow in (so much for my dreams of mouton chops and a really long chin beard) and the nice fact that God loves to place the best concerts of the year during the first part of sefira and the 3 weeks.

I guess I’m a bit shocked to be this far into the game and still counting with a bracha, I have always wondered if the omer was one of those mitzvos that you got every time you counted or just at the culmination of the counting, kind of like listening to shofer without talking or something.

Is it just me that thinks making it over two weeks of Omer is something to show off, or shall I crawl into my cave of shame by being proud of not ever making the full omer count with a bracha in my life?