I hate the shidduch crisis

The Washington Post article (in which I was linked) has been creating quite a bit of buzz about the so called “shidduch crisis” lately and something just clicked in my head after reading it and some of the commentary. I decided that the frum community tends to respond to change by calling it a crisis, rather than just trying to change the way we view things.Take a look at the shidduch crisis, people are “influenced” by secular society, pursuing careers and marrying later than they ever have – due to the fact that there are more “older” singles (this means people over age 25 lets say) than ever, we have called it a crisis, rather than some sort of evolution or revolution depending on what political orientation you side with.

Is it really a crisis if people are waiting a little longer to get married, it always took time for folks to find their mates. It was always a long and gruesome process and it was always known that some folks would remain single – I don’t know, it just seems that calling it a crisis hurts more than it helps and that it’s high time to acknowledge that frum society has finally caught up to the rest of the world that doesn’t think being 30 and single is such a big deal. For the record, I am 29, but have the look of a 21 year old so all is good.