The dumbest passover product of the year

Each year around this time, inventive frum Jews try to see which ways they can scam a few of us by selling us ridiculous products for Pesach, everyone also wants to see how much frummer they can be about pesach than their neighbor.  Some of these products play off of peoples fears of consuming chometz (a sin graver than eating a cheeseburger – unless the cheeseburger happened to be made with kosher cheese and meat and consumed on pesach) others are made for those who don’t really celebrate Passover, but kind of want to and other products just have no words to describe them.

The dumbest most strangest passover product of the year award goes to Passover reclining apparatus which is being sold by eichlers.I know I thought it was an April Fools joke too – but not only are they selling it, they are calling it that as well.

Now something completely different!

The custom of reclining to our left when we eat the items at the seder.

Device for reclining like free people

On Passover we sit at the table with our family and we need to drink four cups of wine, we need to eat matza, we need to eat korech and all of this needs to be done reclining and also afikoman.

How do you do this correctly? How do you do this without spilling wine on your friend? This is a problem. It is forbidden to recline on the table. It is hard to recline back on your chair.

This year there is a solution!

The Device for reclining like free people! One click and everyone can recline easily.

A mechayeh!

I am sure you people may have seen other stupid pesach inventions, like the matza sweeper or bedikas chometz set, do tell us what you’ve seen.