First there was kosher water and then there was kosher dog food

I can’t remember the first time I had heard that some brands of bottled water had kosher symbols on them, but I can remember how crazy I thought that to be, probably just as crazy as folks who grew up and never thought people would actually pay for water in a bottle, let alone need it to be kosher, but alas all things will eventually be made kosher. Heck, our aluminum foil has an OU, I have seen OU on dozens of inedible things that have nothing to do with food – yet the madness continues. Now you can get kosher pet food, which seems like an oxymoron to me – since pets, especially dogs are seen as treife by many frum folks out there.

Not only is Evangers Pet Food kosher, it’s also kosher for pesach and according to some of the Pesach guides I have read – it’s the only kosher for pesach dog food. Now I wonder if their pet food is gebrokts, contains kitnyos or fit for human consumption – dog food looks like charoses after all. Since it is the only kosher for passover pet food, do pets have to have kosher for pesach pet food? I have heard from a dog owning friend of mine that she was told to sell her dogs to a goy for the holiday so she could feed them chometz and not get benefit out of it.

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