I made my first gay shidduch

I don’t have that many frum gay friends, I count them all on one hand, so when I thought of the current shidduch I wasn’t working with much. I had mentioned it to both of the people involved some time ago and it just so happened that one of them was going to be visiting the others city so I figured on setting them up to meet. Kind of like the out of town single girl who gets set up with every guy that shows up in town, those gay folk have slim pickins when they want to find their shomer shabbos bashert – so naturally they will meet anyone that comes along and they just clicked.

Now of course, I may be going to hell for setting them up, but all I could think about was how happy I was for them – I was all smiles and wondering if they did get married if I could be mesader kedushin or at least get some decent shadchanus out of it. Wait, does this count as my third shidduch and ensure me into an afterlife of front row learning with Rav Moshe in Olam Habah?

I do recall when one friend kept asking me if the other was hot, as if I the straight man could really quantify the hotness of my good friend who I don’t think is hot. But I guess it was the same reaction I get when I ask a friend if his sister is hot, I hope to receive a positive answer, but if it were a quick “my sister is smoking” I may start to wonder what the guy was smoking. The fact is that neither of the dudes I set up are really my type, so I couldn’t say that either one was hot – but I did say that they both have great middos, do a lot of chesed and are koveah ittim.