It’s so hard to write when the weather is nice

For the past couple of months the weather has been unsettled, rain then sun, then cold, then who knows…Then God woke up to my pleas for nice weather during my daily shachris yechidus in my bedroom and brought forth beautiful sunshine and warm weather, the pritzus came out of their furry boots and pajama pants and I went into the woods to work on my figure for the summer hiking season.

I rode my new road bike 3 times this week (maybe 100 miles or so) and my mountain bike twice. I’m writing this as I debate whether or not to go riding on my day off (Friday) to Santa Rosa or to Napa – both about 2 hours drive, but closer to Oakland where I’ll be for shabbos.

Yesterday was the first hot day of the year, I loaded my two bikes on my roof, took off my shirt, put on Phish and drove up to Water Dog Lake where I had an amazing mud filled ride in which I sweated and grunted like a dog being put down, really thinking the whole time about how awesome it is that I have every day off and work at night.

This past week also reminded me of how fast time goes by when you’re having fun, there are good things happening in my life and the weather is good, I cannot complain one bit. I remember how fast last summer went by and I’m wondering if this will be a repeat. I’m already plotting out where I will be backpacking, trying to get people who don’t mind spending shabbos in the woods staring at glacial carved granite peaks and I’m debating on time off for road tripping.

You all know this already, but there is a direct correlation with frequency of posts and weather – this past week (I really liked the post of this past week by the way) I tended to favor the once a day posting scheme, most because the weather was so darned good that I just couldn’t sit down long enough to write. But who knows what’s in store, this coming week is supposed to be back in the upper 60’s so I won’t be working on my seat belt tan line and may have more time to write.