Why do purim shpiels suck so much?

So naturally around purim time I get sent a lot of purim shpiel videos and this year they have sucked more than ever. After watching so many of these shpiels, most of which took time to think up and produce, I thank God that I can literally sit down and make this stuff up on the fly (restaurant terminology for making something for a customer before the order ticket comes in) I also wonder if those hundreds of folks who decided to have their purim shpiels about the Maccabeats actually thought they were clever?

Granted I have seen some decent purim shpeils, many of the lesser viewed, cheaply done by folks just like myself who don’t feel like spending the money on HD cameras, copyright infringement lawsuits and editing – happen to be the best ones. People have been sending me the Glickman Purim Shpeil video which is funny because it makes fun of fat people and making fun of fat people is especially funny if the people doing the poking fun are fat themselves. Like this horribly disturbing video of a man in bad need of a gastric bypass dancing to My Humps.

The other problem with finding purim shpiel videos is that there are too many of them, every shul in the world produces one, every yeshiva, every day school and every Jewish organization – so how is one dude strapped for time supposed to sift through all the crap (the funny thing about it – is that the videos with very few views aren’t necessarily bad – just poorly tagged and distributed) The problem with You Tube is that most of the videos watched are so high in views that everyone thinks their video is going to viral, when the sad truth is that most videos on You Tube have less than a 100 views.

Here are a couple decent ones, the Beavis and Butthead one made me laugh and the first few minutes of the Adath Israel Purim shpiel were very clever, but then it did degenerate into normalcy and normalcy is rarely clever.
Fat people are funny:

The idea of the first skit is very good:

Because Beavis and Butthead always tell us exactly how we feel:

My big black Jewish wedding: Not sure if this was actually a shpiel, since I was sent it a week before purim, but it’s very good.

All comments with links in them will go to spam, but I will approve them because I want to see if there are any really good purim shpiels out there, I’m sure there are and I’m also sure that if people actually post any shpiels they will probably be full of inside jokes that only 13 people will get and please refrain from posting these.