A Trip To Miami video goes viral

To be honest with you I’m only posting this A trip to Miami stop the dozens (probably about a hundred) tweets, facebook messages and emails – asking me to post this. I saw the video before it went viral, I should note that while Miss Deena Mann doesn’t give me full credit, I did hound her to post her impersonations on You Tube rather than just facebook. She hadn’t set her settings to private, so I was able to share her Shout Out to Mayor Bloomberg video with my 4600 facebook friends – A Trip to Miami already has 90,000 views in 2 days – it’s funny and clever – so please stop asking me to post it.

A Trip to Miami

The response videos coming out of this thing are quite interesting:

A Trip to Miami response- Rebetzin impersonation

Response video – chassidish guy asking for mechillah – very good!

Shout Out to Mayor Bloomberg (blizzard video)