Super Sunday

I wonder how many people who read Frum Satire even know what Super Sunday is, sure, 35% of you are not orthodox, but how many of you have anything to do with your local Jewish Federation? I myself have nothing to do with my local Jewish Federation, well, a good buddy of mine works there – so maybe that counts, but I don’t intend on giving them any money this Sunday – although some may argue that posting their video and giving them good anchor text links from a PR5 webpage may be better than any┬ámeasly┬ádonation I can come up with.

I did notice on one of the posters asking for volunteers this super Sunday said to bring your cellphones and chargers – now that’s a new way of doing a telephone fundraiser if I’ve ever heard of one. I should mention that my local orthodox shul is so frum that they refuse federation money – now that’s ballsy.