Top ten ways FrumSatire makes me feel more Frum

Top TenIt has been said that Frum Satire drives people off the derech.  How wrong this is !  Let me count the ways.  Here are the Top ten ways FrumSatire makes me feel more frum,

10. The website ads drive me to frum sites.  Especially the one with a girl and her open lips — which I love to click and discover the website of a shul!  How frum is that!?

9. Time spent on Frum Satire means less time watching TV — and we all know that TV is total Bittul Torah.

8.  The weekly d’var torah reminds me what the parsha is this week, it’s almost like being “maa’vir sedra” without having to fake through targum onkelos.

7.  Commentors who call the guest authors douche-bags are doing the mitzvah of tochocha (rebuking).

6.  The gematria of Frum Satire is 685, which is the same as the gematria of “Vayikra bishaym Hashem” (really, do the math).

5.  Heshy inspires us to stay on the derech — after all, who else walks around Mountain View with a big kippah?

4. If you Google “Frum Porn” you’ll probably get this site, and therefore you won’t get hold of any of the real stuff.  Nice job saving us from the hot Chanies.

3. Heshy makes apikorsum feel like we have a chance at our chelek in olam habah.

2. When I give tzedakah to Heshy, I actually feel good, unlike those times I give it to meshulachim so they never come back and disturb my dinner again.

and the #1 way that Frum Satire makes me feel more frum …

One day Heshy will finally meet his bashert through this site, and we will all be part of this great mitzvah.