Don’t judge Judaism by the Jews

It’s a classic statement, but after so many messages statements expressing shock at the fact that I’m still religious after seeing and being exposed to all the shit that flows in and around the frum Jewish community, I have decided to add my two cents on this important subject.

Contrary to what my critics think, I don’t hate anyone, my good friends and intelligent fans see the love and affection that sneaks through in most of my writing. Many frum Jews can’t handle the truth, they definitely shouldn’t be reading my stuff if that’s the case, I do a service, I expose our own stupidity and try to make people laugh in the process. Yes it makes frum Jews look bad, but am I responsible for their stupidity – if we don’t laugh at ourselves and expose our problems in the process will we ever change?

It’s understandable that not everyone agrees and we can agree to disagree, but to say that I make frum Jews look bad is kind of foolish. Don’t frum Jews make themselves look bad, I rarely talk about the scandals that are coming out in main stream media on a daily basis. If you want to see how little I write about the scandals and illegal stuff that goes on just check out the weekly frum crime blotter on Heeb. I myself like to make fun of the subtleties of leading a Jewish life and yes, I hope to either make you laugh, make you mad or both.