20 ways you know you’re in a frummy house

I’ve been in a lot of frummy homes in my day, I myself grew up in a very non-frummy home – complete with swimsuit models adorning our walls and the large television. We had very few seforim that were in public, my fathers gemara of the week and a mikraos gedolos which my father used, besides this we had a lot of 70’s records and there was no case of silver bechers and besamin boxes – a very non-frummy home indeed. Frummy homes contain most of the following, I am generalizing here – so forgive me if I forgot any or crossed these ideas with less than frummy-home types.

20 ways to know you’re in a frummy house:

They get the hamodia daily as their newspaper

The only secular magazines they have are reader’s digest and consumer reports

There are washing cup basins in the bedrooms

The artwork is all pictures of gedolim

They have one of those “do not speak LH” placards on their kitchen table

They have an official nosh cabinet

All of the products in the kitchen are heimishe brands

The seforim stretch as far as the eye can see and the English seforim are a few books about shidduchim

There are no artscroll translated seforim

There are copies of binah and mishpacha scattered about

There is no computer to be seen (hidden away)

You see random hat boxes lying around

On the front door, there is a glass etching with script Hebrew writing welcoming you to mishpachas (enter frum family name)

They have asher yatzar signs by the bathrooms

They have a shtender in their living room

They have a very large case of silver stuff like besamin boxes and challah boards

All of their board games are Jewish like kosherland

They have random Chinese auction catalogs on the kitchen table

There is a radio in the kitchen surrounded by yeshiva boys choir and Shweky CD’s

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