Day school laptops on eBay, what a steal!

Pawn Shop JewReligious day school education is incredibly expensive. But when you put the top minds together, inspired by Torah and Maddah, you certainly get innovative solutions. We see this pattern over and over again with the clever students at The Brisker Institute of Torah uMaddah in Buford, Montana. In order to help offset the high costs of education, they are now selling used laptops on eBay, raising funds for their world-famous basketball and debate teams.

Do used laptops really sell? Market analysts say that laptop prices have been dropping as people are looking at the tablets and smartphones, but there is still a healthy market for used laptops in good condition if they can be attained at good prices – especially those that have been tested to work in school settings. So the crafty students rose to the challenge and were able to find some laptops and offer them at very reasonable prices. Moreover, people love eBay bargains. One of the eBay reviewers who goes by the handle “purimdrunk613” wrote “Thankxxx A+++++ for a great lptop. What a steal. It even came with Torah software preloaded

The Brisker Institute has always been on the leading edge of the technology. A few years ago they offered a groundbreaking digital photography service which would automatically delete faces in class pictures using their patented ethic-facial recognition software. Although this laptop sale is not as technologically sophisticated a program, it’s a great money-maker.

Insider sources tell us that due to an unexpected shortage in the supply chain, there will be a brief suspension of the sales program for only two weeks, but we were assured that this is a only a very short break in the program. Two weeks will hardly be noticed by anyone. We also hear that the next round of sales will include laptop locks too.

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