Stop screwing with the converts already!

It’s hard to find an orthodox convert who only converted once, usually they had to do it once or twice before they even discovered orthodoxy. Almost every convert I have ever met has at least 2 conversions under their belt, if not many more than that and it’s bound to get worse with the latest news. Apparently, the interior ministry in Israel is not accepting conversions done by members of Rabbi Avi Weiss’s organization the IRF, does this mean that some people may have to get multiple orthodox conversions along with their already paid for conservative and reform conversions?

Can you imagine walking into someone’s study and seeing all their conversion papers up on the wall like degrees? Apparently the RCC is the strictest and baddest ass of all conversion agencies, so their degree is best.

I know a lot of converts and potential converts read this blog and it kind of irks me (as I’m sure it does you) that these people can be so fickle about people’s lives, converts are extremely straight – they want to be Jewish and will do whatever it takes (just look at that chick who was rocking it threesome style with Tropper and his wife). Converts aren’t just to be played around with and it seems like the more I hear about this organization not accepting that Rabbis conversions – the more I wonder if converts are literally sitting on the edge of their seats. It would drive me nuts if I had to get a new stamp of approval or certification every week – yet that’s what these news reports are forcing converts and potential converts to do. It also screws with those who have already converted and dedicated their lives to being Jews by choice.

Don’t these rabbis and organizations who make such announcements realize that they are playing with people’s lives? I almost feel that all conversion boards and organizations should be run by converts themselves so they at least know what the people are going through. Maybe then they wouldn’t keep playing these convert games as I call them.

These convert games almost remind me of health advice from news TV, one day this is good and the next day it causes cancer and it never seems to stop.

Hat Tip failed messiah