Being sick blows

I’ve just spent my second day in bed, today I was a bit more productive than yesterday, I actually left the bed went on the internet and tried not to think about missing work and the beautiful weather that was happening out my window. In truth, I was sick last week too, but it felt liker a mild head cold, my sinuses hurt and my headache was on and off so I went out and did my normal things, but at work on Sunday night it hit me real bad and I have been bed ridden ever since.

Thank God, I rarely get this sick, fact is I cannot remember the last time I was sick for more than one day, it brings me back to those days being sick as a kid when the only thing on TV was talk shows, soap operas and news – now I have Hulu and wikipedia at least.

I spent this morning diagnosing my snot with three different doctors and wondering if the pain in my chest may be pneumonia, although it has since receded. Yesterday I think I ate maybe 300 calories and my only time spent out of bed was when I realized it was getting dark and hadn’t put on tefillin yet, I also stood for maariv shemona esrei as well. I did finally get to watch Fiddler on the Roof and I must say I was totally impressed and wondered why it took me so many years to see it.

I spent today watching all these cooking and chef shows on hulu and wandering around wikipedia. I went to the story to see what I can fix up for myself and although I really wanted to make myself some hearty soup, I decided I didn’t have the energy and that my sickness would render the soup only for me – so I didn’t want to make it only for me.

I just found out the ski shabbaton that I was supposed to attend this shabbos is canceled, so at least that’s not getting me down too much, but I just wished I was well enough to sit in my car and look at some scenery, when I drove a mile to the store today I swear I was so spaced out I couldn’t drive correctly.

Now I’m gonna go start watching some Torah and Rabbi stuff, I might as well be learning virtually if I can’t get to shul.