Frum dating websites create the Mamzer category

Mamzerim have it tough, many people who consider themselves another statistic of the shidduch crisis don;t really have it bad, they are just too picky, but what’s a guy or girl to do if they don’t have the same choice that everyone else has? Frumster and other dating sites like Saw You At Sinai and Jwed have decided to add a category for mamzerim who are wishing to find their mates.

Traditionally mamzerim were limited to mamzer-only dating events and most of the people who showed up weren’t even sure if they were mamzerim. Many folks are of the opinion that mamzerim are running rampant around the frum community and we may in fact all be mamzerim, creating loads of issues when it comes to who is actually eligible to marry each other.

So how does one check to see that they can wear the mamzer badge of honor, it’s not a comfortable topic, similar to the way that kohanim can’t just go around asking every baal teshuva if she has slept with a non-Jew, it’s not too easy to find out who’s a bastard and who’s a legitimate child. I myself have wondered this and although I applaud the various shidduch dating websites for adding yet another way to categorize and pigeon hole everyone – I wonder how they will be able to check to make sure the person claiming that he or she is a mamzer is in fact a mamzer, do rabbis give certificates or something.