Off the Derech music video – complete insanity!

I must give a big yasher koach to Dov Bear who somehow found this crazy video, that basically shows an off the derech kid (I kid you not, the kid wearing a knitted yarmulke is supposed to be the bum!) who is disowned by his father and eventually dies. The video is so insanely behind the times, that I found myself in an uncontrollable laughing fit for much of it. Frummies really believe this crud!

Just because a kid wants to be more “modern” than the way you raised him doesn’t mean he’s going off or as the frummies say “at risk” at which point they lump and sometimes place this kid who merely wanted to be a little more normal than his chassidish or yeshivish parents into a program with a bunch of real drug addicts and other folks who need real help, not a bunch of former druggies turned kiruv rabbi telling them why frumkeit will keep them off of drugs. Oh and off the derech kids rarely don a knitted yarmulke and knitted yarmulke wearers are much less likely to be off the D than black velvet yarmulke wearers.

Devora from Facebook says that the Still Your Child music video takes its inspiration from the That 70’s Show skit on Marijuana.