The League of Important Poskim

The League of Important PoskimDid you know there is a League of Important Poskim (LIP)?   Indeed there is! The LIP are the team of rabbis who make important decisions about halacha. Hint: you can list what you think those might be in the comment section below. The League has been featured in many comic books, and even a movie.

I bet you remember the plot: There is the aging Rav Avi Kvattermain – who is the leader of the va’ad – I mean League. He gets contacted by the mysterious “Ech” — you know the letter Ech, — B – r -e – ech – ech -e – r (surely you heard of the famous Brecher phone call).

You probably know the story of how the League meets Rav Nemon, the captain of the Kosherterifica cruise ship, and his mysterious friend Dovid Grey at a rabbinical conference. They have also been seen with Dr. Yankel and Mr. Zeiyde. And they have to save the city of Vilna from the destructive forces of the chassidim organized under the banner of “FrumSatire-nicks”

OK, fine. I’m joking. But there really is a League of Important Poskim out there. I know this because someone sent me a link to the following website ( that lists which wines and spirits are kosher — according to the League of Important Poskim. Seriously. Check out the certification on the whiskey:
Kashrut Clasification: Kosher according important poskim

See — that’s the League of Important Poskim at work right there!

Indeed, they are no threat to FrumSatire — but they do have a different  natural enemy – The League of Unimportant Poskim. The LUP is the group that puts the “K” on products that we don’t think need kashrus anyway. They also put “K”‘s on the scoreboard during baseball games, showing when a strikeout is really Kosher (according to them — as if anyone holds of them – ha!). But don’t worry , they are, by definition, Unimportant.

We’re not sure what it takes to become a member of the League of Important Poskim — but now that we have seen them reveal themselves as the machshirim of good scotch, you can start looking for them at your local Kiddush Club.

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