Sometimes I am amazed at my own power

The following video has probably been seen by much of the frum world, someone tagged me in it last week and I shared it on my wall, the video was made by a girl who was not facebook friends with me and probably had no idea that anyone besides her limited amount of friends were watching it.

Most people, especially young frum girls, don’t really fool around with their Facebook privacy controls much. So I asked her if she could post it on you tube and she said she wasn’t so sure because it would make it hard for her to find a shidduch, during our email exchange, within 2 hours of posting it on my wall, I started receiving messages, emails and tweets for me to check out this facebook video. By the time it was posted on you tube, I’m sure that half the frum facebook world had already seen it, since her shidduch chances are probably already shot, she gave me permission to post it.

I am always surprised, when something that I post comes back to me, but still – there are probably some of you who aren’t on Facebook (I tend to get more comments on FB posts than on here – last week one update got 100 comments while the post here received 123) Anyway, I still like the video and maybe you will too.