Kiddush Hashems of the week

It may sound strange, but Shmarya Rosenberg of Failed Messiah deserves credit for helping me come up with the idea for this hopefully weekly post. you see he has this weekly piece on the Heeb Magazine Blog where he does a roundup of all the Jews making chillul hashem’s that week – like a crime blotter for frum Jews and unfortunately he has a lot of material, which brings me to my point, there should be some sort of weekly list of the kiddush hashem’s within our community and by our community – I mean the entire Jewish community.

Without further ado, I present to you this week’s kiddush hashem list:

A frum man was seen helping an old lady across the street in Brooklyn, he told us she was past menopause so there were no niddah issues.

We spotted a black hatter talking peacefully with a white knitted yarmulke wearer on line at a pizza store, it caused a great kiddush hashem to see such achdus.

Chaverim helped one man retrieve his kitten from a tree in Baltimore and they refused his tip, saying they do it for the mitzvah (FS news know they do it because hatzoloh rejected them)

Haztoloh saved someone’s life and wallet.

Orah started the frum fresh air fund to get non-religious kids out of the city and away from their parents so they could see the beauty of frumkeit while attending a very expensive camp for free.

An inafmous five towns hot chanie was seen dressed tzniusly while picking up her children at day care.

At kiddush someone allowed someone else to take the cholent spoon first.

Chassidim in Israel didn’t burn any dumpsters, they also didn’t beast up any women for dressing untzniusly – what a kiddush hashem!

There was a public bedikas porn in Boro Park and kehilla members tossed their dirty magazines into the fire to protest vulgarity – many Christians joined in.

A man without a hat was not told he was in someone’s makom kavuah – moshiach must be on his way.

On a serious note – I would actually love to do something like this, but I’m depending on you for your links to news stories and other stuff that may be considered a kiddush hashem – kind of like the stuff listed above. so send me stuff to or throw it on my facebook wall.