Haredi Rabbis Ban Vos Iz Neias

I was wondering when it would finally happen, everyone knew that VIN’s sole purpose was to show how foolish the frum community looked when it tried to formulate opinions, but the Rabbis probably never saw it and were kind of late to jump on the bandwagon, until now, even though the comments were clearly a chillul hashem forcing them to force people to login to comment – of course this raised advertising revenue because they can now sell their email lists to people looking to sell wigs and blechs, it wasn’t enough and now leading gedolim have decided to publicly declare vos is neias assur – Vos Iz Neias has been banned.

Will Vos Iz Neias listen to the Ban? The ban has been signed by some of the pimpest gedolim around including Malkiel Kotler, Shmuel Kaminetzki and Dovid Shustel. I kind of hope they will continue, VIN is the only website I read religiously and they have provided me with hours of entertainment – I wonder if we could get a petition going that can be sent to the gedolim signing onto this ban – stating that the hours of laughter provided by this website far outweigh the damage done by the sinas chinam, chillul hashem and anti-semitism caused by them.