Orthodox Jews always jump on the bandwagon too late

You may have noticed that I didn’t jump on the Hitler Lakewood Video like I would on a chabad girl and that’s because it’s been done, so many times in fact that I’m sick of it. That scene from the movie Downfall or Der Untergang is probably one of the most parodied movies in all time and I know how the Lakewood thing came about, some frummy stumbled across the scene and said “Oh I’ll be the first one to do this” and alas he wasn’t, wasn’t even in the first thousand.

Just like the NCSY chanukah video, the Hitler’s kids can’t get into Jewish schools in Lakewood video was sent to me over 10 times via email, countless times on twitter and facebook and the one person who could get me to post it was the one who said “maybe you can do a post on how Jews always jump on the bandwagon after the wagon’s already left” and so here is the video – which is actually very funny: