Deli Kasbah – The messianic chabad restaurant

Deli Kashbah is a rare breed of a restaurant, they proselytize while they feed you. It’s not one of those places where things are subtle. I used to frequent it quite a bit, because it was located one block from where I grew up, but I never noticed how crazy it was until I got a little older.

There are TV screens throughout the restaurant showing Rebbe footage constantly. On the menu there are statements about the Rebbe and moshiach and all around the restaurant are banners about the Rebbe and moshiach – it’s pretty insane if you ask me and even more insane because the clientele is mostly young modern orthodox folk who are definitely not becoming lubavitch and definitely trying to ignore the craziness and concentrate on the food – which is quite good, although a bit pricey.

If you take a look at Deli Kasbah’s website you can see the craziness right away, there is a statement on the main page with a picture of the Rebbe – even the craziest of the yechi folk in Crown Heights, France and Israel don’t take it to this extreme.

The Lubabvitcher Rebbe MH”M (Rabbi M.M. Schneerson) stated that Moshiach’s revelation is imminent. This will bring a new era of peace and abundance. By adding in acts of goodness and kindness we can hasten the arrival of this wonderful era.

Notice the Lubavitcher Rebbe MH”M – which stands for melech hamoshiach! The worst part about this whole thing is that many of the diners only experience with chabad may come from this restaurant and it will reinforce the stereotypes of chabad without ever giving anyone a chance to debate it – they will see the cult with their own eyes and never see the normal majority.

I’m actually quite surprised that they don’t have any Rebbe meals – like the Rebbe Roll or the Rebbe Burger, but then that may be a bit too Jesus like – after all you are eating the body of moshiach. Oh wait, isn’t lekach (foods that a chassidic rebbe touches and blesses that are invaluable to their chassidim) kind of like the frum wafer.