Let me explain

You may have noticed that I didn’t blog much last week and anything that I happened to write was taken down, this was because the server I was on went down. My web guy has taken care of it thank God and hopefully I can get some of those posts back, unfortunately many comments from the posts before it including the Yarmulke in Public post were lost and as of now I have no idea if they will be back. Someone told me that their theory was that Mendy and Heidi supporters had hacked into my server to take me down, but Mendy and Heidi didn’t seem to sophisticated, especially after the Georgi cover up advertisement video – I feel even less remorse for their stupidity, though I doubt they hacked into my server and took down the dozens of sites on the server as well. With that said, it’s time to blog again with renewed vigor.

I should mention that I’m pretty impressed that even though my site was acting crazy last week and there were no blog posts, I still had over 2,000 unique visitors a day during the week.