Thoughts on joint husband-wife facebook accounts

I hate joint facebook accounts, I think they are stupid, but I understand them and I feel that should too.- – sound confusing?

It has become a “thing” amongst Rabbis especially, to have joint husband and wife facebook accounts which make for very confusing facebook chats, messages and other random postings that you cannot decide which side of the facebook profile produced them – strange because you would think you could tell men and women apart, but when it comes down to it, Facebook makes everyone into a ploni.

There are a number of reasons for these annoying joint facebook accounts. I have been exposed to them for sometime, but in the Bay Area it’s out of control and I have on occasion a chance to speak to people as to why they go through the trouble. You would think that kiruv Rabbis would specifically have separate facebook accounts so that a woman with a woman type of question would be able to speak discreetly with their woman facebook friend, but not in this case, I almost feel that the joint facebook accounts hurt the kiruv rabbis in their marketing and indoctrination tactics because their “friends” and people they know can never be sure that the conversations are kept discreet.

So the main reason why people have join facebook accounts is because they don’t trust each other, at least that’s what it seems like. You don’t trust that your husband won’t click on those saucy ads for local singles so you have a joint account – don’t know why that helps?

Maybe you don’t want your husband to see any of those pictures of his old girlfriends or friends who were girls? What about him looking at the pictures of your friends, that doesn’t sound tool tznius to me? So the husband is on your joint facebook account and he gets to look at these hot pictures from the latest wedding where inevtibly there will be some picture of girls sitting around with their knees or ankles showing – if his wife is a niddah – there’s no telling what damage can be caused by this.

You think joint FB accounts are cute? They aren’t, they are annoying and did I mention they are gay (I use that term to describe certian things – sue me!)

Some people have joint accounts because they think it’s tznius, it’s not and I mentioned above why it’s not. In fact it’s worse, the guy only accounts will probably be talking about sports and guy stuff, but now he can look at his wifes messages from her girlfriends about their first mikvah night and all that entails.

Wives want to show their husbands off, is this true? I have no idea, but it sounds like a good idea – not tznius though.

It happens to be that in many cases the wives want to fend off old flames so I understand, in other cases the husbands wouldn’t join facebook, so the wives add them to the account – fine – but I still don’t like em.

There is one good thing about joint facebook accounts, I can post a link for both people to see and they will both see it.