Chanukah Pickup Lines

Just because pickup lines are corny doesn’t mean they can’t be fun, actually as lame as these are, I was smiling and laughing to myself the whole time – so at least I was entertained – though I hope you will be too!

I can go longer than those shabbos chanukah candles

I’d love to take your dreidel for a spin

Hot oil rubs are a mitzvah on chanukah

I’d love to dip my latkes in your apple sauce

Relax, I won’t be cutting your head off tonight

I’d love to see your sword

I’ll make you explode like the first bite of a jelly donut

Wanna play with my dreidels

I’ve got plenty of gelt to go around

I’d love to defile your temple

Let’s try and do it for 8 nights

I love how shapely your Antiochus is

If your parents walk in we can pretend we were playing dreidel

Is that a Maccabean Sword in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

I’d love to take a look at your shamash