BRS decides to take on FrumSatire and attack the Kiruv movement.

Weirdos Welcome too In a move clearly targeting the blog and its satirical attacks on the Orthodox community, a cabal of anti-kiruv members of the Boca Raton Synagogue have secretly launched their own parody site designed to denigrate the frum community and attack the Kiruv movement.  This BRS-based attack project is called “S.O.S — Share Our Shabbos”.  You can find some of the bitingly vicious  videos on YouTube:

The people behind this parody project have done a fabulous job getting well-trained actors to imitate the honorable Rabbis who lead the shul there — and at the same time show them off in the most unpleasant way.  I was impressed by how realistic they portrayed Rabbi Goldberg and his crew.  Aside from the goofy, over-sized kippa, it was a very realistic imitation of him. The videos are designed to convey the very opposite of a kiruv message.  For example, one of the videos explain how frum families are supposed to be tolerant of their non-religious neighbors and friends.  And they emphasize that Kiruv is not about trying to make people become just like you.

Kiruv professional are all up in arms about this parody project.  “We think that any not-yet frum person who watches these videos will run away from any future Kiruv event.”  Says Rabbi Mendel HaAchbar.

We have yet to hear from Heshy Fried, chief blogger of Frum Satire.  But we predict that he might set up a blog poll, post his own goofy video, and ask for some money on Facebook to help him launch a counter-attack to BRS and try to restore some dignity to the Kiruv movement.

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