Guys who like big girls

This Dan Savage video I found is his response to a girl who is overweight about finding guys who are attracted to her, it’s basically about how many guys go out with girls their friends will think are hot and I think this video is some great mussar for us men.

I am always trying to set people up, in fact I kind of feel like featuring people every week who wish to meet others who are fans of this site, but the one major disappointment is from the men who refuse to date anyone who is not petite. I’m disenchanted with this immature mentality of automatically rejecting a girl just because she has a muffin top or a little junk in the trunk, as Dan said, 60% of Americans are obese and that fgure may even be higher in the frum community. I have always found that coolness is much more important than looks. Maybe despite my perceived immaturity I am more mature than most frum guys, or are we being too hard on guys who have been conditioned by society to be attracted to rain thin girls who pule up perfectly good pizza at the end of the meal.