Leftover Cholent: A new frum blog with some potential

I generally don’t read blogs, heck I schedule most of my blog posts, tweets and other goodies so I don’t have to spend valuable outdoors time keeping up with this wonderful online community that has been outgrowing this blog and forcing some fans to even meet each other in real life. I find that every few days, I get an email from someone asking me to add their blog to my blogroll (Blogrolls are so 2006, I hate the darned thing and keep threatening to delete it, I took it off the main page 2 years ago) or plug them in a post, I shirk this duty I have to my fellow newbie bloggers, because I know that most blogs die after about two weeks and I’m just too darned lazy. 

With this said I am going to plug a new blog (Leftover Cholent), not only because she’s a super cuttie (all cute girls who don’t have eating disorders know this anyway, I’m not saying she’s fat, but I’m sure if she wore hipster jeans she may be able to force a small muffin top into appearing, but she dresses tznius so it’s cool), but because she sounds exactly like I do, in a post titled “Too Sexy for my snood” she may liable for plagiarism if I knew she had been reading me long enough. She says:

Don’t get me wrong, I know a few ladies that can rock the snood, but let’s face it: a tichel hugs every curve of the head in such a sexy way that men do a double-take when they pass you on the way to mincha. And the sheitel: who can resist those long flowing locks of smooth shininess?

I even told her, that if I put up one of her posts and it was anonymous, everyone would think I wrote the post. Shockingly, she is not-anonymous, 99% of frum girl bloggers are anonymous, I cannot think of one that isn’t anonymous actually. They are scared of shidduch market value drops and of the fact that many girls are creating alternate online persona for themselves because their single lives suck so much (their blogs tend to suck too, rare that one of the multiple lame shidduch blogs actually entertains and even rarer is the shidduch blogger that keeps blogging once they get hitched, I’m just trying to be honest) that they need to figure out a way to make their slide into spinsterdom more pleasant – it’s hard being a 22 year old single bais yaakov grad these days.

I’m not saying that Miss Donyel Meese is brilliant, she’s new and writing for the Jewish Press isn’t exactly something to boast about, but what I’m saying is that she may have some potential as a funny, frummy girl blogger and being that I rarely give plugs to other bloggers I figured I would hook her up. I read through her blog and it’s got some interesting matter of fact writing laced with light humor, but what’s most important is that it’s honest and we know the person behind the blog (my opinion of a blogger is infinitely higher when they are open with who they are)