Frum Nudist wonders how to broach this issue on shidduchim

I received this comical, yet very interesting question the other day via email and I thought to share it with you. There are many practices which people wonder how to broach when it comes to shidduchim, I recently met someone who is a marijuana connoisseur who writes “medical marijauna” on his frumster and saw you at sinai profiles and to his dismay is always set up with hippies, he is definitely not a hippie, he just enjoys a joint before he goes to bed to calm his brain down. This particular person likes to enjoy life in the nude, but regular frum girls probably won’t understand this, how do you tell a shadchan this?I received the following email last week:

As the de facto voice of a generation of yeshiva day school grads, wanna be shadchan for the OTD, explainer of Orthodox culture to the un- and newly initiated, and the Ann Landers for Jewish 20 and 30 something freaks and geeks, I figured I’d come to you with my question.  On what number date do I tell a girl that I’m a nudist?  Not that I walk around the neighborhood naked or go to nude beaches, but I like to walk around my apartment naked (honestly, who doesn’t) and I don’t plan on stopping just because I get married.  I wouldn’t do it around her while we’re dating, at least not until we’d been going out for a while, nor would I expect her join in.  Also, I don’t plan on strutting my stuff (which admittedly isn’t that great) around any children I have in the future.  Back to the question, I figure it’s not fair to wait too long because she shouldn’t get too attached before she knows.  On the other hand, I don’t want to share this tidbit about myself with every Tamar, Dinah, and Hadasah who I play checkers with at Starbucks.  Your thoughts?  While we’re at it, know any West Coast ladies who’d be down with my lifestyle?  I promise no nudity around her parents.. unless they’re down with that.  Actually, I may have a problem with that.

What’s a frum nudist to do? I actually know of a few frum couples that like walking around naked and hence they rarely have shabbos guests. It’s not my thing, but I can understand.