I am in love with this picture I found on google images by typing in the word kishke, in general I’m fascinated with the first and second generation Jewish Americans, I wish I could be transported to the times when orthodox kids of shtetl parents went to public school and were beaten up by the Italians on the way home. I want to see Yiddish Theater, I want to see Yiddish Vaudeville, I want to see blistering accounts of Jewish events from the Forvetz.

I want to see socialists debating in late night cafes over coffee and kichel. I want to see Rabbis with those tall rabbis hats, I want to chazzanus at the Bialystoker shul and I want to hear the tumult on Orchard street. I want to see the pushcarts and the peddlers and the button hole sewers in their tenement piece work shops.

So now you may understand my love affair with this picture.