Are you lazydox?

Are you lazydox?

Everyone goes through weird stages with their Jewish practice, I myself haven’t been on my game lately, I haven’t been getting up for shachris, have been forgetting to say mincha and have been lacking the kavannah I should be having. All of this is directly related to the fact that life has been good, I have a dream job that I could never have dreamed that I would have and enjoy it so much that life has been flying by at a steady pace. My theory is that life a series of good and bad, the good comes and you neglect God and he gives you a poch on the tuchus to remind you whose boss.Are you lazydox?

You tend to only wear tzitzis on shabbos or when you want to make people think you are frummer than you really are, like at shachris

You want to daven maariv, but are so damned tired that you only say the first paragraph of shema when you are already in bed

Z’man krias shema? Try tefillin for mincha

You “forget” to put on tefillin

Your idea of shabbos lunch is empire meat on white bread with mustard while reading the NY Post in your underwear

You roll into shul only when you have a meal setup

You figure if the Dutch can wait an hour between meat and milk you can too

You only wash for bread and bench on shabbos

You sometimes say brachos, but never a bracha achrona

You are always trying to figure out when candle lighting is and always do melacha on shabbos because of this

You remember to say havdalah on Sunday morning

When you put on tefillin you only say shema

You cover your head with your arm when you say a bracha or listen to Kiddush

You go to the occasional shiur, get pumped up and then sink back into your orthodox by default stage

You would never consider yourself orthoprax, it’s just this mood you’re in

You would never break shabbos, but you don’t mind when your off the derech roommates watch a movie on Friday night