Boteach writes pro-Gay article: The frummies are pissed

Vos Iz Neias has an editorial ripping Shmuely Boteach a new one (not through gay sex chas v’shalom) in which the Rabbi writing it goes through all the classic anti gay arguments including the fact that if we accept gays into our society everyone will turn to incest and marrying multiple spouses. I was kind of shocked he didn’t mention bestiality because every frummy knows deep in his heart that if they happened to have such a deep yetzer harah that wanted them to have sex with men, they might as well try out their domesticated goats as well – just like we did when we wandered the desert for 40 years, there were no mikvahs you know.

Now I just wanted to know how a gay lifestyle isn’t compatible with a Jewish one?

I was just wondering how it isn’t compatible, I mean we all do stuff that if there happened to be a beis din around we would all be killed – on a daily basis no less. I’m pretty sure I used a slotted spoon for coleslaw on shabbos more than once and one time I let this non-religious older Jew make me tea on shabbos because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings – so I’m a goner, kaput, thrown off the cliff in a public spectacle with the children throwing stones at me.

I have been asked multiple times, why I think the orthodox Jews despise the gays so much and my simple answer is that it’s disgusting. I myself don’t think it’s sick, I know loads of folks straight who want to hit it from the back door – I’m sure Freud would have something to say about that, but frummies think anything openly sexual is morally reprehensible (heck in yeshiva the Rabbis considered any girl who wore pants naked mamish naked!!!) so you can imagine how they feel about something they view something like gays. Sex in general isn’t talked about much, I used to think you peed into girls butts (you can, but I’m not into the golden shower stuff, though I’ve always wondered about the cholov yisroel milk company called Golden Flow) and whenever I hear gays mentioned, it’s usually followed by “oh that’s disgusting”, but just because you think something is disgusting and yes I wouldn’t enjoy watching two men getting it on, I didn’t enjoy two girls one cup either – but some people do. Disgusting, when it comes to sexual practice is pretty relative.

What on earth is authentic Judaism?

The author of the editorial slamming Boteach keeps talking about authentic Judaism, is there such a thing. Judaism seems to evolved over the centuries and we really don;t know what was practiced then. I doubt that what we practice today has any resemblance to the Judaism of yore. They sure as hell didn’t wear black hats and dark suits, but somehow that has been deemed authentic Judaism by many folks. Authentic Judaism held that slavery was cool and we rocked it holy war style because God told us it was our land – that wouldn’t be moral today – the UN told us it was our land – thank God we don’t have Jewish Jihad.

I imagine that in 50 years from now, the moral fabric of frummidom will be broken down and we will look back on these times – the same way we look back at the 60’s when it comes to civil rights, yes I’m comparing the two. There were plenty of religious folks that thought of blacks as lesser than human and had the right to be discriminated against.

Of course therein lies a big problem I have with the liberals, if you are anti gay marriage they call you a bigot and I don;t think that’s correct – there are genuinely some folks that want marriage to kept as the traditional definition, I don’t agree with this – simply because it’s retarded, but as my father used to say “the masses are asses” and some people are nuts about the English language, which begs me to wonder what they think about the fact that when you combine two products we tend to say “marry them” together.