I was wondering about furniture outlets and cellphone gas station explosions

“Do not fill up while talking on cellphone, sparks may cause explosion.” I’m staring at this sign as I fill up at a gas station in Hayward, a car pulls up next to me with 24 inch rims and tinted windows, it’s a 1980’s chevy, I know the neighborhoods not very good, California is one of those places where you can judge the neighborhood solely on the rims of cars. The ghettos look like any other neighborhood around these parts, the lawns are mowed, the houses look clean, but the cars have big rims.

I wonder if anyone has ever taken a call while at the gas pump and blown up? Has that ever happened? You would think the gas station folk would want people talking on the phone while they pumped, they would miss that $20 mark they wanted to fill up to, because psychologically you spend less when you fill up less, even though you will have to fill up again shortly and they would spent a lot more being engrossed in a phone conversation. Or is it one of those things that happened once, like the shoe bomber, so now they just assume cell phones and gas filling don’t mix.

Speaking of the shoe bomber, what’s going to happen when someone places a bomb in their anus or vagina, will they hire gynecologists and proctologists to search every third persons cavity, because we are too PC for middle eastern profiling? I hate taking off my shoes in the airport because I always wear sandals, so my feet are raw and sweating onto the mostly cold fake marble. Speaking of airplanes, I wonder if anyone was ever injured when they didn’t put their seatback into the upright position for landing, maybe someone can educated me on why landings have to be done in such an uncomfortable position.

Has a plane ever been lost because someone used their Ipod during takeoff, I always leave it on, I can’t stand flying without some classical music to cool my nerves, if I didn’t listen to an Ipod during takeoff and landing, I would just think about how we would all be dying when the plane crashed into the air traffic control tower, would I get to my oxygen mask in time? Do they even work? I’ve never even seen them pop down.

What happens if you remove the tag from a mattress? Do you really get searched by the FBI for doing so and why on earth are all furniture stores called outlets and perpetually going out of business, it seems that their marketing if for people who only shop at “discount outlets” but if all furniture stores are discount outlets that are going out of business and will not be undersold, how do they all exist at once?