An appology for the Mumbai post

Bloggers typically don’t apologize, bloggers like to think they are the upholders of free speech and like to think of themselves as transparency makers. The people who force others to do the “right thing” whatever that may be, I’m not a nihilist, but sometimes the right thing is so blurred that no one really knows – like the discussion of whether or not apple cranberry cake can or should be considered a kugel, or maybe we can go neutral without sheitle flinging and say it’s a cobbler, let’s leave it at cobbler, although it may depend on what’s used as a topping – buttered crumble or walnut granola? Maybe a non flour based topping is different from nuts? 

Whether or not you, the reader think something is funny or agree with me has nothing to do with what I post, sure there are those of you that think I post for comments and attention, but this has long been in untrue, every new blogger wants comments and attention, but I just want to impact people in a good way, for everyone it’s different and for some people there is no impact – merely entertainment – or disagreement for the sake of debate which may lead nowhere or may lead to great heights. What I think is funny, is rarely what others think is funny, this is evidenced in the fact that what I think is clever and funniest is usually the least commented on, but I knew the chabad conspiracy theory would piss you off, some of you, most of you, regardless I was doing it to test the waters and my self.

It may have to do with my recent addiction to Emerson and my recent reading of Chaim Potoks My Name is Asher Lev which may have been the impetus for the growing of my balls to post such disgusting un-funny drivel, no one was quite as elegant, I wish the critics were more elegant, but the anti Frum Satire arguments are lost the second the critic gets angry at me, keep your cool people. Regardless of my foolish attempt to push the envelope with this audience, it allowed me to test what David Abitbol of Jewlicious once told me “you will never succeed with a frum audience because everything offends them” and he’s right, which is strange because you would think a bunch of right wingers would be all about the freedom of expression and the notion that one’s mans humor is another mans offense – totally true – I’m offended by the so called “humor” articles on the Aish site – but not enough to take my time to explain why it’s offensive that their articles are terribly unfunny.

So I’m apologizing to all who were offended, I wasn’t really trying to offend as much as I was testing the limits of frum humor – what could really be taken by this audience? I was very surprised that no one emailed me explaining why they thought it was taking it too far. I’ve apologized before, when I felt it necessary – I didn’t apologize for admitting that I had touched the opposite sex prior to marriage – but I did remove the post admitting my evil doings – but no one missed it, no one asked me “hey where did the sex posts go?” well people wondered, but no one seemed to care.

I remove posts all the time, I would say I’ve removed 50 posts and multiple videos, you tend to be more open before people know who you are and hence people stumble upon something and are quite shocked and disappointed at you, when a black friend found my similarities between Blacks and Charedim, he kindly suggested for my reputation that I remove it (I care a little about reputation – everyone does)

For some reason I felt like I owed you all, especially the chabadnicks in the audience an apology, so I’m sorry. I called one of my best friends and told him about the post, he laughed nervously, like when we tell the “how do you fit 8 Jews in a VW beetle joke?” and said “chabad has been good to you, that’s not right.” Good thing he was still able to say it was well thought out and funny, but he’s correct, chabad has been good to me – they don’t deserve such nastiness.