Frum girl goes into rampage over being told Im Yirzta Hashem By You

Monsey – Police were called last night to a wedding at the Atrium on Route 59 in Monsey after someone called the cops to subdue a frum girl that had gone into some sort of wild rampage. The wedding was of one of the girls classmates, until last night the girl, age 19 was one of only 2 single girls left in her class – but last night her friend married – leaving her as the lone single girl in her grade.

One of her friends agreed to speak to us on anonymity “I mamish didn’t think she was go so crazy, someone gave her a bracha, it’s a mitzvah and what else do you say to an older single girl?” It is quite common for married people to wish single people to get married like they did, but recently the bracha “Im Yirtza Hashem By You” has come under flack. Recent issues of FS’s Yated newspaper have revealed how far this deep seated hatred for blessings goes. Some have even called it a sin to say it to singles who may be hurting.

We at FS news have wondered if the shidduch crisis has zapped singles of their emunah and bitachon, are they not willing to believe that God has better plans for them?

The girl, who’s name is not being released due to a drastic drop in her shidduch market value, is being sued by her friends shver and shvigger for disrupting the wedding and for punching the chosson in the face, it us reported that those gasping in the crowd were more shocked that she would touch a boy with no inhibition – which means she may have crossed the line before. The chosson was treated for minor injuries and released.