Why do many orthodox Jews think it’s ok to cheat on their taxes?

A new study is out that finds an overwhelming number of Jews thinks it’s ok to cheat on your taxes, pay workers off the books and pull other scams when it comes to their money and the government.

“Do you know how hard it is to find a frum person who will work on the books?” Said one business owner who told us that his business was known as the most honest, yet he just couldn’t stay open without sidestepping the government when it came to finding good trustworthy employees from the community. “Sure I could go and hire non-Jews, but they aren’t as trustworthy as frum Jews.” FS news reporters found it a bit odd that those cheating the government would be considered honest and trustworthy so we dug a bit more to get to the bottom of this mystery.

At a local watering hole in Boro Park we found many answers, many business owners simply denied that cheating the government was a crime or dishonest, because “they take our money and don’t give us anything back for it” when we mentioned that roads, sewers, law enforcement and public libraries were used by these people everyone just kept saying that the public schools cost so much to maintain and we have to pay double for schooling.

We tried to ask several rabbis and most of them told us that the law of the land should only be followed if it were reasonable, “paying taxes is unreasonable, especially when so many of these people have kids to send to yeshiva – what you want they should go to public school?” said one rabbi who wished to remain anonymous.

So why do so many orthodox Jews feel that it’s ok to cheat on their taxes, pay or work off the books and abuse many other government programs? The world may never know.