Out of town dating sucks

So I decided mentally that I would begin trying to meet some girls again, I have gone out one date since my girlfriend and I broke up in February. But due to the super active lifestyle I have been leading in California I really haven’t gotten down to business. Alas, I am almost 29 and I suppose I should get off my lazy ass and try to at least pretend to be succumbing to communal and family pressure to marry. I say ‘pretend’ because I find life to be so enjoyable that it has been flying by without me noticing that I don’t have someone to cuddle with and wash my clothing for me.

So nu you want to get married right?

Sure, yeh, whatever you say – everyone wants to get married, right? Of course, I want to get married and have the brood toiling on our land in central Montana, but as I mentioned, life is damned good. I love my job, love the mountains right outside my house and love the fact that I never have to sit in traffic – the problem is that when life is so good – you feel like you don;t need anyone to share it with. I almost feel as if people move out of cool places to give the New York singles scene a try because the misery it puts you through causes loneliness and desperation.

There must be some sort of singles scene in the Bay Area right?

I’ve met some ladies, but to be honest with you folks, I’ve only recently realized that I never socialize and would rather be by myself in the woods than anywhere else and I haven’t met any ladies who like the woods as much as I do.

Why don’t you join saw you at sinai or something?

I have nightmares about saw you at sinai, matches piling up waiting for me to say yes, and organizing a fruitless shidduch marathon vacation in New York City, only to realize that instead of sitting with 6 different girls in Starbucks on the Upper West Side, I could have been backpacking in Yosemite or riding my bike around the Marin Headlands. Let’s face it – Out of Town Dating Sucks and I doubt I’m a hot enough commodity to warrant any ladies to pay for a flight to come date me (if there are some ladies who would actually fly out here to date me, I can show you a good time) of course if someone comes to your town to date you, you may be stuck with them all weekend – I’ve been there and even if you throw up in your mouth when they emerge from the baggage claim area – there is not a damned thing you can do.

So what’s a guy to do?

If any of you know of singles events in LA or Seattle I would be down with hitting that up – or if any of you want to send me to a large singles event in your area I’m down – to tell the truth – singles events are the BEST place to garner new material so it’s a win-win situation.