The worst thing to have on your shidduch resume

I was talking with my buddy the other day about peeing, for those who know me, you know I pee a lot and so we were talking about the trials and tribulations of peeing when there isn’t anywhere to pee. You’re stuck in traffic on some random highway and you really gotta go – but, alas you can’t.

My friend travels a lot for work and in his travels he has decided to combat the never ending problem of where to pee. He once found something called “The Shenis” for ladies who want to pee standing up and he has dabbled in the diaper crowd, but recently he found something “for emergencies only” that basically turns your pee into gel automatically, I honestly can’t even figure out how I would pee while sitting in traffic – I would just pee in my pants to tell the truth – I always carry extra clothing, but he has his emergency thing for peeing.

So we’re talking and I’m like, dude, just pull over open up your car door and pee on your front tire – that’s my trick. I also have my spots off various freeways in NY that I could pull over for a dumpster or alleyway pee.

My friends response to this was one of the best line’s ever.

“Dude you know that if you get caught peeing in public they may register you as a sex offender”

No way

“Yep and you sure as hell don’t want that on your shidduch resume!”

Honestly can’t think of anything worse to have on your shidduch resume than registered sex offender.