Orthodox Jews protest new wax museum

Dozens of angry Orthodox Jews gathered outside a controversial wax museum depicting scenes of Jewish life which just opened in New York City. The dark humor and hyperbolic drama  associated with the wax museum has been called blasphemy by many Jewish leaders, who demanded they shutter the doors before they open.

Some scenes on display have elicited such heated outrage that psalm vigils have been called to prevent such destructive exhibits from being shown to the public. The new museum features exhibits that show: 

Rav Shach strangling a lubavitcher

Buchrim in Khlem learning in a burning beis medrish

Potifar’s wife seducing Joseph

Rav Ahron debating with his sister the mathematician

Ultra Orthodox women burning wigs made of Indian hair

Vilna Gaon issuing cherem against chassidim

I don’t know about you, but I’m pumped about the new museum and can’t wait to check it out.