The joy at seeing a family of 13 walking down the block with 4 kids dressed in exactly the same outfit elicits such a smile from me you may think I was on crack. The nachas I shepped as I watched a hot chanie and her shlump of a husband navigate through carlos and gabbys last night was awesome and the wide grin that was produced from partaking in a conversation about the sickness of liberals was just grand old fun.

There is only one family in the entire Bay Area that could be classified as frummy and I miss them dearly. I miss the ignorance, the rudeness and the yeshivish slang talk. I miss the shabbos robes, black clunker shoes and those guys that shuffle as they walk down the street with shoulders sagging as they hock on the phone and play Jewish geography with passersby at the same time – it’s a joyous place.

During the first days of yuntiff I had the opportunity to cringe every time someone said to “get the goy” to turn something on or what have you. I had the oppurtunity to take part in a conversation about how President Kennedy caused this generation to be disrespectful because he was the first president to take off his hat – a common sentiment in the yeshivish circles. Then we had a conversation about the evils of the internet and how you couldn’t trust anyone with it and the disgusting sickness of the liberals. I even got to hear that right wingers are more moral than liberals, and  various other talking points from Rush and Savage.

Then I got to hear the oohs and ahs as I told my peeps that seeing a woman make a hamotzi was normal and that I thought it was a good thing that women should want to be involved rather than not want to be involved. Of course they argued that “their wants weren’t coming from the right place” to which I said, who cares – I’m sure some people are learning in kollel for the money and coffee room hock – but at least they are learning right?

It’s all been so interesting so far in my return to New York;  I have gotten my fill of pizza;  I have come to the realization that after 10 months of good, healthy and fresh food I cannot stand places like subsational and carlos and gabbys anymore – I couldn’t finish my sandwich from carlos and gabbys yesterday it was so gross and filled with dreck.

More to come from my adventures in frummy land.