Rant: The folks who need to face due east while davening

Dear anti-conformist shemona esrei davener that needs to face a different direction than everyone because the shul isn’t facing east.

I get it, you want to be frum, you also wish to retain your anti-conformist nature. You want to be “that” guy, you want to be seen and known and appear frummer than everyone else in shul because you’re onto something. One day, you’re Iphone app told you that everyone in the shul was wrong, had been wrong for years in fact and you didn’t think to mention to the rabbi that everyone who had ever davened shemona esrei in that shul was facing north instead of east, so you decided to change your direction rather than voice your concerns to the Rav.

Do you actually think your prayers will be readily accepted just because you have figured out true east, do you think that Jerusalem is due east from your chosen davening location? Do you think that the shul founders tried to trick you into davening toward Mecca or Rome? You are an idiot, seriously, I don’t mean to judge, but How can I not – when you have chosen to block my aisle, run into me when you take your 3 steps back and pretend to be oblivious to the fact that you are facing the wrong way.

I’m sick and tired of you odd facing shemona esrei daveners. I’m sick of you’re need to shun the Rav who obviously knows best. Do you think we should face the bimah a different direction during laining as well? Or are do you just care about yourself? I wonder if you do this in really frum shuls or just in modern orthodox one’s?